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The business object Applicant Application represents interest
expressed formally by a person in entering into a work relationship or changing an existing work relationship.

Different types of applications can be received by a company:

  • Unsolicited applications

  • Applications in response to job advertisements

  • Online applications

  • Use

    Applications are processed within the Workforce Requirements and Job Advertising
    . It is possible for several applications to be assigned to an applicant.

    Applications can be stored in the Applications (4001) infotype.

    If you implement the R/3 Internet Application Component Employment Opportunities
    , external applicants and employees can apply to job advertisements online on the Internet/Intranet.

    Using the R/3 Internet Application Component Application Status,
    external applicants and employees can inquire online about the status of their application.


    Applications can refer to a job advertisement.

    Unsolicited applications do not refer to any specific job advertisement. An unsolicited application must be assigned to an
    unsolicited application group. Reference can be made in an unsolicited
    application to a recruitment instrument, a medium, or a reference employee.



    Available Methods

    • Create : Create application [ BAPI_APPLICATION_CREATE ]




    This method enables you to create a further application for anapplicant who already exists in the system. The system performs all ofthe validations that would take place in dialog mode in the appropriateindividual maintenance infotype screens. A new application is only created if the system can perform all of the consistency checks

    The method creates a new data record for infotype 4001 Applications and sets the applicant's status to In process.


    Either the UNSAPPGP (unsolicited application group) or ADVERT
    (advertisement) parameter is obligatory, depending on whether the applicant's application is unsolicited or in response to anadvertisement.

    Messages are returned to the RETURN (structure for returnparameters) parameter. The parameter documentation includes the return values and their meanings.

    This method can only be used after the ENQUEUE method of the EMPLOYEE business object has been accessed. For further information on the ENQUEUE method, see the documentation on the BAPI_EMPLOYEE_ENQUEUE function module (lock employee).