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The object material inspection control contains the control information for inspecting a material in a plant.



Available Methods

  • Replicate : Prepare inspection setup (inspection types) for distribution [ BAPI_MATINSPCTRL_REPLICATE ]
  • SaveReplica : Replication of QM inspection setup [ BAPI_MATINSPCTRL_SAVEREPLICA ]




This function module is defined as a BAPI and collates the inspection setup for distribution using ALE.

The filter object types are loaded from the distribution model and thenthe current values to be sent are written to the structure filterobject_values depending on these types. The logical systems
involved are read from the distribution model using a function module in connection with filterobject_values.

The import parameter is a structure that contains the material and itsplant. The inspection setup data for this material/plant combination is distributed.

The function module is called once for each material/plant combination.The parameter INSPTYPE_DEL in the form of a table can (but must not)contain data for the material/plant combination to be transferred.

  • Data for the material/plant combination is loaded from QMAT and the
    inspection setup for this material/plant combination is completely sent.
  • Within this function module, a conversion is performed

    from the internal display (QMAT fields) to the display of external data fields (BAPI data fields).

    Import parameter:

  • MATPLNT is a key field, which contains the material and plant. Thisdata completely characterizes the material master and inspection setup.
  • INSPTYPE_DEL: If this parameter contains data, these are inspectiontypes that should be deleted generically (that is, with a place holder,
    if required) for the specified material/plant combination. INSPTYPE_DEL is transferred in table form.
  • Export parameter:

  • RETURN is the standard return parameter for a BAPI and issues messages if there are errors.

  • 11-Dec-2005



    This function module is marked as a BAPI and calls the function module QAALE_DISTRIBUTE_QMAT_POST. Inthis way, the BAPIs can be encapsulated.

    QAALE_DISTRIBUTE_QMAT receives the data that is in the target system,removes this from the IDOC, performs some checks (depending on the QMAT
    for the target system), and saves the inspection setup to the database, if all inspections have been successful.

    If there are errors, the table RETURN contains messages (errors andwarning messages) because exceptions are not allowed for BAPIs. Table INSPECTIONCTRL can contain optional inspection setup data.