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The business object CO resource contains a method for distributing CO
resources. Its sole purpose is to enable the same resources to be used in different systems in a distributed controlling scenario.

Use by customers is not recommended.



Available Methods

  • SaveReplica : Replicate Individual CO Resources (ALE) [ BAPI_RESOURCECO_SAVE_REPLICA ]




You can use the method BAPI_RESOURCECO_SAVE_REPLICA within an ALE scenario to replicate a resource (a resource in Overhead CostControlling CO-OM) in an external R/3 System (a so-called reveiver system).

The import parameter for the resource (IS_MASTERDATA) contains all the
fields of the resource master record CSKR/CSKV, with the exception of the client.

Apart from confirming database locks, no additional checks are executed in the receiver system.

Depending on the status, a resource is created, changed or deleted in the receiver system.

The update process is started aysnchronously. To end the update, you must then call up the BAPI BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT.

Caution: (!) Function module BAPI_RESOURCECO_SAVE_REPLICA may not beused under any circumstances to recreate a resource. It is used only
with the ALE scenarios for resources delived by SAP in the standard.

Further Information

For more information see the documentation for ALE Scenarios for Resources