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Detailed documentation about this business object is available in the R/3 application help. To access it, proceed as follows:

  1. In the menu choose Help -> SAP Library

  2. Under AC - Financials choose IS-RE Real Estate Management

  3. Search for the business object using the index or a full text search.

If there is no R/3 system available, refer to the documentation CD.



Available Methods

  • SetEquivNumbers : Change Master SU Equivalence Figures [ BAPI_REMSU_SETEQUIVNUMBERS ]




Service Charge Settlement/Master Settlement Units

This determines the type of settlement for the service charge settlement. It defines:

  • The settlement period (settlement periods/settlement variants)
  • The type of service charges (hot water supply)

  • The participating settlement units
  • Various service charges affecting several settlement units are billedby the supplier in one invoice, for instance heating expenses and hotwater costs. The costs have to be distributed to the correct settlement units according to a distribution key.

    For the pre-distribution of costs, you have to define special settlement units, so-called "master settlement units" (MSU). Thesemaster settlement units have subordinate standard settlement units(SU). The costs that are posted to the master settlement units are
    posted to the participating settlement units in the service charge settlement and are considered in further settlements.


    A service company responsible for external heating expense settlementscarries out the regular reading of the consumption gauges. The costs
    for heating (gas, maintenance, chimney sweeping) are incurred for the entire house/settlement object.

    An operator of a commercial center has rented sections of his premises.Each of these rental units have their own electricity meters, recordingonly the consumption of that particular tenant. The landlord only knows the total consumption and the costs incurred.

  • Problem:
    How does the landlord apportion the costs to the tenants?
  • Data required:

  • Settlement unit (master settlement unit)
  • New total of equivalence figures
  • Table with subordinate settlement units and their equivalence figures

  • Valid-from date.

  • 11-Dec-2005