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The business object Purchasing information is a source of
information on the procurement of a certain material from a certain vendor.


The purchasing information is subdivided by purchasing organization, allowing each purchasing organization to store details of the
conditions it has negotiated and other procurement control data
relating to the vendor concerned. There are purchasing informations for the following procurement types:

  • Standard

  • Pipeline

  • Subcontracting

  • A purchasing info record can apply to the following organizational levels:

  • purchasing organization

  • plant

  • Comment
    The purchasing information enables Purchasing to obtain data such as the following at any time:

  • Which materials a certain vendor has quoted for or supplied to date

  • Which vendors have quoted for or supplied a certain material

  • 11-Dec-2005


    Available Methods

    • GetList : Display purchasing info records [ BAPI_INFORECORD_GETLIST ]




    This method enables you to list purchasing info records. You pass onthe desired selection criteria (e.g. vendor, material, plant) in the import parameters. For more information, refer to the relevantparameter documentation.


    The following authorization objects are checked with activity 03 (Display):

  • M_EINF_EKG Purchasing group in info record
  • M_EINF_WRK Plant in info record
  • M_EINF_EKO Purchasing organization in info record
  • Return

    The purchasing info records that satisfy the selection criteria are returned in the tables InforecordGeneral and

    Return messages

    Messages are returned in the parameter return. The parameterdocumentation shows the return codes and their meanings.