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Employee time quota



Available Methods

  • GetDetailedList : BAPI: Determines Quota Data for a Personnel Number [ BAPI_TIMEQUOTA_GETDETAILEDLIST ]




This method determines the information for personnel time quotas for a personnel number.

Personnel time quotas can be selected using the following parameters:

  • Attendance quota or absence quota, or both
  • Quota type
  • Validity period (interval)

  • Deduction period (interval)
  • Notes

    The key date to which the information is determined is controlled by both the KEYDATEFORENTITLE (Key date for entitlement) andKEYDATEFORDEDUCTION (Key date for deduction) parameters.

    Determining the quota status of the selected quota takes place based on the following elements:

  • For each entitlement key date of the entitlement calculated
  • The quota used and the compensation is calculated up to a key date for deduction
  • The expected requested deduction and compensation are calculated up to the key date for deduction

  • The result is displayed in its appropriate time unit. Quota information can be returned record by record using parameterABSENCEQUOTARETURNTABLE or PRESENCEQUOTARETURNTABLE. Cumulated quota information can be returned by the parameter CUMULATEDVALUES.

    Both key dates are compared with the PDC calculation dates to determinethe data to be accessed. The following options are available:

  • Read from Cluster B2
  • Read directly from the infotype record
  • Access to the data of a simulated time evaluation run

  • The data to be used for calculation is determined using the parameter WAYOFCALCULATION.