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The business object Accounting Purchase Order is an object that
is responsible for the updating of a purchase order in Accounting. It portrays a general entry in Accounting for purchase orders.


In particular, this object is responsible for determining the
components in Accounting in which purchase orders are to be updated. It
gives you the opportunity to initiate consistency checks as well as a corresponding posting in the respective components.



Available Methods

  • Check : Accounting: Check Purchase Order [ BAPI_ACC_PURCHASE_ORDER_CHECK ]
  • Post : Accounting: Post Purchase Order [ BAPI_ACC_PURCHASE_ORDER_POST ]




The Check purchase order method checks whether the data from a purchase order that is relevant forAccounting can be posted. Running this method does not generate a document or number assignment in Accounting.

If a purchase order is created for material in Logistics, the expected costs are transferred to Accounting as purchase
order commitments
. Depending on the Customizing settings made forcommitments, the following commitments recipients are possible:

  • Controlling object (such as cost center, internal order, and project)
  • Cash management and forecast

  • Cash budget management
  • Funds Management
  • Cash management project
  • Notes

    In most cases, first use the Check purchase order method, and then run the method Post purchase order.

    Messages are returned in the parameter return. The parameter
    documentation shows the return codes and their meanings.

    Further Information

    For more details, refer to the following documentation in the R/3 Library:

  • Cross-Application Components -> Business Framework Architecture ->
    Business Application Programming
  • BAPI User Guide
  • BAPI Programming
  • Cross-Application Components -> General Application Functions ->
    Interfaces to Accounting
  • BAPIs for Transferring Data to Accounting

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