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The Business Object Confirmations in SAP HR Time Management
transfers confirmations from SAP Logistics to SAP HR Time Management


Confirmations from SAP Logistics can only be transferred to SAP Time
Management if the confirmations were creating with personnel indicators (that is, with a personnel number).

Confirmations recorded either as work time events or durations can be transferred.

Confirmations can be recorded as work time events in the Production Planning and Control (PP) component.

Confirmations can be recorded as durations in the following SAP components:

  • Production Planning and Control (PP)

  • Production Planning - Process Industry (PP-PI)

  • Plant Maintenance (PM)

  • Customer Service (CS)

  • Project System (PS)

  • Integration

    After work time events are transferred to SAP HR Time Management,
    durations are recalculated from time intervals. In this way, breaks are included, and differences to the durations from
    Production Planning and Control (PP)
    can be calculated. These time differences can be
    transferred to PP using the Business Object BUS2116 Production Order Confirmations.



    Available Methods

    • Post : Transfer confirmations to Time Management [ BAPI_CONFIRMATION_INPUT ]




    This method allows confirmations from Logistics to be transferred to Human Resources.

    You can transfer confirmations that were recorded in Logistics either as work time events or durations.

  • Work time events exist when employees enter the start and end of their work activities in the Logistics system.

  • Durations exist when employees enter only the duration (length of time) of their work activities in the Logistics system.
  • Notes

    Messages are returned in the RETURN parameter. The parameterdocumentation contains additional information about confirmation values and their meaning.