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Contains all posting-relevant information from the Payroll results that is transferred to the
Accounting components


When evaluating the payroll results for posting to Accounting, report RPCIPE00 (Create Posting Run
) creates a posting run that contains one or several posting documents. All the posting documents,
which are created when creating a posting run, are grouped together in
one inseparable unit in this posting run. It is not possible to post or
delete individual posting documents belonging to a posting run. These
activities can only be performed for all posting documents belonging to
a posting run at the same time. The various statuses that the run
assumes during the evaluation and posting of payroll results provide information on the activities performed (for example,
Documents created
, All documents released, Incorrect documents).

A posting document contains document line items (document lines) that
are summarized over personnel numbers. However, with special authorization you can retrace the payroll results that these are based
on for a specific personnel number.

Various components from Accounting use posting documents as original documents
for the creation of their own documents. The accounting documents contain a link to the posting document they
are based on.

The reversal document is a special type of posting document. It
has the same structure as the posting documents that are created for a
regular posting run. The system creates reversal documents when you reverse the posting documents for a posting run.


A posting document gets a distinctive number when it is created (key field PostingDocNumber).

A posting document always consists of a document header and the document lines.

The document header contains information on the

  • Document number

  • Company code

  • Posting date

  • Document date

  • A document line contains information on the

  • Account number

  • Account assignment objects (for example, cost center)

  • Amount

  • Currency for the amounts

  • The system automatically creates a status history for posting documents
    to log status changes with the date, time and person responsible.



    Available Methods

    • Display_Acc : Display document (from AC) [ BAPI_PAYACCDOC_DISPLAY_AWKEY ]




    This method is used to display the original document for an accountingdocument if the original document is the result of a report run to post payroll results to Accounting.

    The accompanying business object is BUS7009.


    This method is only released internally.