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The Business Object Manager Ext. Payroll contains BAPIs that write
payroll results from external systems to the interface tables in the R/3 system.

The object is a help object without instances.


The BAPIs for this object have two uses:

  1. Linking a third-party payroll system to the SAP HR system.

  2. Transferring payroll data from a third-party system to the SAP HR system before the live start.



Available Methods

  • InsertLegacy : Transfer payroll account [ BAPI_EXTPAYROLL_INSERT_LEGACY ]
  • InsertOutsourcer : Update of a payroll result using an outsourcer [ BAPI_EXTPAYROLL_INSERT_OUT ]




The function module is used to transfer payroll results from a third- party system.

The module fills out the interface tables for legacy date transfer ofpayroll results, for one personnel number. In this case, the databasetables T558B, T558D and T558E and possible more tables, depending on the country.

Afterwards, it is possible to actually create payroll results with thedata transferred, for the relevant personnel numbers by starting the payroll driver with a special schema (for example, XLK0).


The module is not usually called directly. It is used for linking to the data transfer workbench.

According to the country, for which you want to transfer data, thereare specific modules that allow the transfer of further data, for example, tax and SI data.




This method is used to import payroll results from a third-party system to the SAP HR system.

The module fills out the interface tables T558B, T558D, T558E and othertables, depending on the country, using the input data in thethird-party system. Afterwards, the payroll run must be started with a
special import schema in order to import the data to the Rx payroll results in cluster PCL2. For this purpose, SAP provides theXINF schema as an example.

The PERIODS, WAGETYPES and ARREARS tables are linked using the SEQUENCENUMBER
field. This field is used to assign the wage to a payroll period in WAGETYPES, that links to an entry in the PERIODStable. The sequential number can either be deduced from the Export IDocs or exported using PU12 (&VAR-SEQNR).

Further Information

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