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The business object Helpvalues is a service object that enables
possible entries to be displayed in interfaces, for example, BAPI interfaces.



Available Methods

  • GetList : Determine Allowed Input Values (F4) for Fields in BAPI Parameters [ BAPI_HELPVALUES_GET ]
  • GetSearchhelp : Determine Search Help for F4 Process [ BAPI_HELPVALUES_GET_SEARCHHELP ]




This method returns the possible entries (F4) for a BAPI parameter field.

The name of the field which the posibleentries are for must be entered.The field can be identified by its object type/object name, methods andparameters in the associated parameters of the Helpvalues.GetList method.

Alternatively specific search help can be transferred in the paramater ExplicitShlp.

The possible values are based on check tables, domain fixed values orpossible values defined for the data element in the ABAP Dictionary.

The method can only be used for fields in BAPI parameters. The system
checks that the field exists in the named parameter, method and object.

The help values together with other useful information is returned in the parameter Helpvalues.

The parameter Description4HV contains the metainformation with whichthe column contents returned in the parameter Helpvalues is described.

The parameter Values4Field contains the input values only.

Possible entries can only be displayed after an authorization check(see section "Authorization Check". Type A tables (master and transaction data) and type L tables (temporary data) cannot be viewed
using method Helpvalues.GetList.


You want to display the possible entries for the field "National",(country key). The field is located in the PersonalData parameter, in the Employee.GetList BAPI.

You need the following parameters for the method call:


ObjName 'Employee'
Method 'GetList'
Parameter 'PersonalData'
Field 'National'
MaxOfRows '0'
DescriptionOnly 'X'

The parameter Description4HV contains: TABNAME (Table) FIELDNAME (Field) ... FIELDTEXT (Description)-----------------------------------------------------------------------
H_T005 LAND1 Country key
H_T005 LANDX Country
H_T005 NATIO Nationality

Note: If you use the test environment of the Function Builder for testing, you must mark upper/lower case.

The possible entries are returned in the parameter Helpvalues. Thisparameter also contains other useful information, such as text. The parameter contains the following values:

AT Austria Austrian
AU Australia Australian

The parameter Values4Field, on the other hand, contains only the possible values for the field:

The application can provide the information from the Helpvalues parameter for selection.

If you select a parameter line, you can display the correct possible entries from the Values4Field parameter.

If only countries beginning with 'A' are to be selected, the
parameter Selection4Helpvalues must contain the following data:



Messages are returned in the Return parameter. The documentation onthis parameter contains the return values and their descriptions.

Authorization Check

The possible values are only returned, if the caller has the correctauthorization. If not, an error message is displayed (see the Returnparameter). The required authorization is documented in the BAPI.

Using table BAPIF4T you can also restrict access to F4 possible entries
to people with a specific user profile. For further information see "BAPI Programming".

Further Information

For further information see the application help, "BAPI Progamming".




The function provides search help for determining the possible values (F4) for the BAPI parameters to be read.

You can choose to transfer the object name (OBJNAME) or the object type(OBJTYPE). You also transfer the name of the API method of the object
(METHOD), the name of the parameter of the method (PARAMETER) and ifapplicable, the parameter field (FIELD), it it is a table or structure.

The function returns a table as the result as well as the standard BAPIstructure with error information. The table contains one or more
entries with information about the search help. This depends on whetherthe BAPI was able to determine individual or collective search help for the method parameter.

An entry of type BAPISHLP in the table can be transferred to the BAPIHELPVALUES.GetList (BAPI_HELPVALUES_GET) to determine F4 possible entries.