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The business object Job is a description of a grouping together
of tasks, duties, and responsibilities that is tailored to potential performance with regard to a certain level of training.

Jobs are usually defined on the basis of generally accepted descriptions of professional activities.

A job represents a specific task complex. Work requirements are derived
from these tasks. They are specified in more detail by work requirement
types. On the basis of the scale allowed for a work requirement type, a
value can be used to specify the requirements. Qualification requirements are a special kind of job requirement. They are
distinguished one from the other by the qualification type.

The maximum and minimum amount of payment can be effected for a job as fixed amounts, or by assigning a wage group or wage level.


Job Programmer at a software house

Job tasks - modify existing software
- create and test software
- integrate software once created

- customer service

Job requirements - general knowledge of software
- excellent ABAP programming skills

- sociable, outgoing personality
- initiative
- 2 years experience

- school exams and university education

Job qualification requirements - business English
- business German
- excellent ABAP skills

- general C++ skills



Available Methods

  • GetDetailedList : Object List With Detailed Information [ BAPI_PDOTYPES_GETDETAILEDLIST ]




This function module is used as the basis for the BAPI-method

This method reads the parameter that you have given to an object typeand delivers an object list which accords to the input parameters.

If you have not defined a parameter for the method, the object list
will be created according to the following criteria:

Plan version -> Active plan version
Start date -> 01.01.1990
End date -> 31.12.9999
Planning status -> 1 = active
Language -> Logon language


If you want to save all active objects which will exist in the year
2000, select the following parameter:

Start date -> 01.01.2000
End date -> 31.12.2000


You need structural authorizatoin for the HR object type.

The 'OBJECTTYPE' parameter will be determined by the BOR objects which
are called up.

Notification will be given in the 'RETURN' parameter. You will find

the return values and their meanings in this parameter documentation.