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The business object organizational plan unit is an
organizational unit, which represents a enterprise area which is responsible for certain tasks in the enterprise.


Organizational plan units are part of a hierarchy and are related
according to a reporting structure. In this way, a department can
belong to another department, and yet still report directly to the
board of executives. Depending on how organizational plan units are
defined and related, the organizational plan can take different forms (linear organizations, matrix organizations, for example).


An organizational plan unit contains several positions and has a chief
position. A company code unit can be allocated to an organizational
plan unit to which financial accounting values of an organizational
plan unit are to be attributed. A business area can also be allocated
to an organizational plan unit, if financial accounting is to be allocated according to business areas.

You can also determine what portion of personnel costs are to be
charged to the cost center of an organizational plan unit, and what
portion of personnel costs is to be allocated to which fund within the funds center.

A personnel area and personnel subarea can also be allocated to an
organizational plan unit. In this case the Human Resources rules which have been determined for the personnel area/subarea apply.



Available Methods

  • GetEventtypeList : Business event types in business event group [ BAPI_BUS_EVENTTYPE_LIST ]
  • GetList : Read Business Event Group Hierarchy [ BAPI_BUS_EVENTGROUP_LIST ]




This function module is used as the basis for the BAPI-method

This method reads the parameter that you have given to an object typeand delivers an object list which accords to the input parameters.

If you have not defined a parameter for the method, the object list
will be created according to the following criteria:

Plan version -> Active plan version
Start date -> 01.01.1990
End date -> 31.12.9999
Planning status -> 1 = active
Language -> Logon language


If you want to save all active objects which will exist in the year
2000, select the following parameter:

Start date -> 01.01.2000
End date -> 31.12.2000


You need structural authorizatoin for the HR object type.

The 'OBJECTTYPE' parameter will be determined by the BOR objects which
are called up.

Notification will be given in the 'RETURN' parameter. You will find

the return values and their meanings in this parameter documentation.