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The Business Object master inspection characteristic describes
how an inspection is to be carried out from a quality management view.
There are diferent types of master inspection characteristics.

A master inspection characteristic is, for example, quantitative, if a measuring inspection takes place.



Available Methods

  • Replicate : Prepare QM master inspection characteristics for distribution [ BAPI_QPMK_REPLICATE ]
  • SaveReplica : Replication of QM master inspection characteristics (ALE) [ BAPI_QPMK_SAVEREPLICA ]




This function module is defined as a BAPI, and collects the master inspection characteristics for dispatch with the help of ALE.

The filter object types are read from the distribution model; then, the values to be dispatched are written into the structure
filterobject_values, depending on these types. Finally, the relevantlogical systems are read, together with the filterobject_values from the distribution model, using a function module .

The import parameter is a structure that contains the master inspection
characteristic and its plant. This characteristic/plant combination is distributed.

The function module is called once for each combination of characteristic and plant.

  • The data for the master inspection characteristic/plant combination isread from QPMK and the entire combination is sent (this means including short texts, physical-sample drawing texts and long texts).
  • In this function module, the internal display (QPMK fields) areconverted to an external display of data fields (BAPI data fields).

    Import parameter

    MSTCHARPLNT is a key field containing the master inspection characteristic and plant. This data clearly identifies the master
    inspection characteristic.

    Export parameter

    RETURN is the standard return parameter for a BAPI and returns messages if errors occur.




    Replication of master inspection characteristics

    This function module is identified as a BAPI, and is used to savemaster inspection characteristics to the database in the target system.

    The ALE level contains data for the master inspection characteristic in
    the form of IDOCs, prepares the data, and calls this BAPI with the corresponding parameters and tables.

    BAPI_QPMK_SAVEREPLICA performs various checks regarding the masterinspection characteristic to be saved. If no error is found, the masterinspection characteristic is saved with all its versions, short and
    long texts and assigned catalogs and inspection methods to the database in the target system.

    The table RETURN contains messages in the case of an error, as exceptions are not allowed for BAPIs.

    This function module can be used in connection with the DX workbench (transaction: SXDA) for initial data transfer.