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Customer Functions SD Customizing

You can use the customer exit for customer-specific route determination or for modifying the inbound data for sales-specific route determination.

The following data is passed on to support customer-specific route determination:

I_VBAK current order header (route determination in sales order)
I_VBKD order business data (route determination in sales order)
I_VBAP current order item (route determination in sales order)
I_LIKP current delivery header (route determination in delivery)

The following data can be returned to standard route determination after modification or can be used for customer-specific route determination.

C_ALAND country of departure
C_AZONE departure zone
C_LLAND destination country
C_LZONE receiving zone
C_VSBED shipping condition
C_TRAGR transportation group
C_GRULG weight group
C_FLAG_GEN_VT flag: route det. with gen. shipp. cond./transp.grp.
C_FLAG_INCR_GRULG flag: raise weight group, if no route

If you want standard route determination with modified parameters, you must trigger exception 'CONTINUE_WITH_STANDARD'.

You can use the log table C_PROT to return log data from the customer-specific route determination procedure. The log entries always refer to customer-specific messages.

  • EXIT_SAPL0VRF_001: Customer-Specific Route Determination