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IM Summarization: User Exits

If you select values during Investment Management summarization, then you can use SAP enhancement AAIC0001 to make further changes to values and characteristics that were selected.

One of the most important of these changes is the key conversion for characteristics. This is used, for instance, if the values from different systems are evaluated together and there are two characteristics that have the identical key in two different systems.

Key Conversion for Functional Locations

In Investment Management summarization, the "functional location" characteristic has only 22 characters, rather than the usual 30 characters. Therefore, you have to convert the keys of all functional locations that have an ID that is longer than 22 characters. Otherwise, the selection program terminates due to an error.

Activating and Programming SAP Enhancement AAIC0001

Follow this procedure.

  • Add SAP enhancement AAIC0001 to an enhancement project.

Use the function Project management of SAP enhancements (CMOD).

  • Create the ABAP program ZXAICU01 as an include program.
  • Program the assignment of the actual values to budget categories in program ZXAICU01.
  • Generate program SAPLXAIC.

You can find information about the parameters that are available in program ZXAICU01, as well as the structure and meaning of these parameters, in the description of the interface for function module EXIT_SAPLAIC2_001.

  • The entry parameters indicate which values were selected.
  • Table DATA contains all selected characteristics and values. It is this table that you work with using SAP enhancement AAIC0001 .

Assume the following: You want to combine data from two clients, 001 and 002. Each of these two clients represents a local company. You combine them in client 003, which represents a central headquarters. In both local clients, you have used key '0001' for a company code. After the data selection, you then have to make sure that the central client can distinguish between these two company codes that have key '0001.'

First you have to create two separate company codes for these company codes in client 003. For example, '0011' would represent company code '0001' in client 001, and '0021' would represent company code '0001' in client 002. In the SAP enhancement, you have to conver the characteristic 'company code.'

Include ZXAICU01 could look like this:

*   INCLUDE ZXBIMU01                                                  *
    IF  ( SY-MANDT       EQ '001'  )
    AND ( DATA-COMP_CODE EQ '0001' ).
      DATA-COMP_CODE = '0011'.

    IF  ( SY-MANDT       EQ '002'  )
    AND ( DATA-COMP_CODE EQ '0001' ).
       DATA-COMP_CODE = '0021'.

Then you can select values in both client 001 and 002. Output the data to a file, and then import the file to client 003, where it is now possible to distinguish the values from the two company codes.

Conversion of Assigned Entities

There are special considerations if you need to convert one of the following "assigned entities" using SAP enhancement AAIC0001:

  • Appropriation request
  • Measure
  • Profit center
  • Cost center
  • Plant
  • Functional location

If you need to convert one of these entities, you also have to implement the conversion in SAP enhancement AAIC0002. This enhancement is used for conversion of entities for text elements. If you do not use both enhancements, the characteristic values will not agree with the texts.

Selection for Use in One Client

If you select values for replication within your own client, then certain conversions are not required that would only be necessary if you transfer values to other systems or clients. In order to differentiate between a replication within your own client and a transfer between systems or clients, you can use the parameter SELECT_INTERNAL. The parameter is set to 'X' when you are replicating values in your own client.

Selection of Current Values - Selection of Summarized Values

Please note that the SAP enhancement AAIC0001 is active for the selection of current values as well as for the selection of values from the summarization database of Investment Management. Therefore, you have to make sure that certain conversions are not made twice, that is, once when the values are summarized within a client, and again during selection of already summarized values from the summarization database.

To see your current status (whether you are selecting within a client or from the summarization database), you can use the SELECT_SUMMARIZED_DATA parameter. The parameter is set to 'X' if the system is reading already summarized values (that is, values from the summarization database).

If the system is selecting values from the summarization database in order to copy them to your own client, enhancement AAIC0001 does not run! The system assumes that the necessary modifications were already made when the values were written to the summarization database.

  • EXIT_SAPLAIC2_001: IM Summarization: Processing Summarization Data after Selection