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Exits for Depreciation Simulation Data

You choose a distribution type, which uses amounts, for an investment measure, an appropriation request or an investment program position in its investment profile. In that case, the total of the distribution amounts you enter is not allowed to exceed the overall plan value or overall budget value.

The investment profile also specifies whether the system uses the plan or the budget for this check. And it specifies which plan version is used, if applicable.

If you want to use a different amount for the check, you can use SAP enhancement AAIS0004.

Activating and Programming SAP Enhancement AAIS0004

Follow this procedure:

  • Include SAP enhancement AAIS0004 in an enhancement project. Use the Project management of SAP enhancements (CMOD) function.
  • Create ABAP program ZXAILU02 as an include program.
  • In program ZXAILU02, assign the value that should be used for the check to the E_NEW_WLGES field, which is intended for this purpose.
  • Generate program SAPLXAIL.

The following parameters are in program ZXAILU02 :

  • Fields for identifying the investment measure, the appropriation request or the investment program position:
    • I_IMA_POSID and I_VARNT: formatted appropriation request number and its variant (Dictionary types IMA_POSID and IMA_VARNT)
    • I_PS_POSID: WBS element (Dictionary type PS_POSID)
    • I_AUFNR: order number (Dictionary type AUFNR)
    • I_IM_POSID: investment program position (Dictionary type IM_POSID)
  • Fields with information on the comparison value specified in the investment profile:
    • I_WLGES: overall plan or budget value that should be used according to the investment profile (Dictionary type IMA_GPLAN)
    • I_VERSN: plan version (filled only if I_WLGES contains a plan amount (Dictionary type IMAVZ-VERSI)
    • I_XBUDG: indicator that the budget should be used (Dictionary type XFELD)

    • Function/Program:
      • EXIT_SAPLAIPS_001: User Exit for Supplements to Overall Plan or Budget