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Coding block: Customer enhancements
With this enhancement you can edit you own fields in the coding block.
When posting transactions, these fields are entered with SAP standard account assignments in subscreens . Two exits are available for accessing the flow logic:

  1. Exit 001 is called in PBO of the subscreen. Here you can, for example, enter default values for you own customer fields.
  2. Exit 002 is called in PAI of the subscreen. Here you can test the entries in customer fields and change the values in the fields.

Both exits are called from dialog box "coding block" (screen SAPLKACB 0002), which you can access from the subcreens by selecting the "More" button.


First check to see if your needs can be met by standard means, such as with a validation table or with the validation and substitution tools.

You can only call the PBO exit from the subcreens of the coding block, that is, only if the customer fields appear on a screen for program SAPLKACB.
The PAI exit, on the other hand, can also be called with transactions in which customer fields can be entered in a different way, such as with fast entry

  • EXIT_SAPLKACB_001: PBO exit for customer fields in coding block
  • EXIT_SAPLKACB_002: PAI exit for customer fields in coding block