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DI Processor: User Exits

You can use this enhancement when performing resource-related billing or quotation creation to delimit the selection and/or to filter the data that is read. The enhancement is not available for all sources.

It is valid for the following sources:

  • 0001 Actual costs - Line items
  • 0002 Actual costs - Totals records
  • 0003 Statistical key figures - Line items
  • 0004 Statistical key figures - Totals records
  • 0005 Actual cash - Line items
  • 0006 Actual cash - Totals records
  • 0021 Planned costs - Totals records
  • 0022 Statistical key figures - Totals records
  • 0023 Easy Cost Planning

In this enhancement you can:

  • Change the COSEL structure. The structure contains the selection criteria for the sources listed above (
    • EXIT_SAPLAD15_010: Source Filter (Not Available For All Sources)
    • EXIT_SAPLAD1C_002: Change COSEL