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User Exit for Posting to Fixed Assets
Using this SAP enhancement, you can carry out expanded checks when posting to fixed assets.


In order to use this function, follow the steps below:

  • Set the indicator "Individual check required" for the transaction types that you want to use within the framework of your customer enhancement.
  • Adapt function module EXIT_SAPLAPCF_003 to your individual needs.

Function module EXIT_SAPLAPCF_003 contains an include called ZXAPCU03 (until 4.0B ZXINTU01). You have to create this include yourself, and supply your own program flows. You have to use the names stated here in order for all of the data transferred to the customer function module to be available.

  • Activate project AINT0001 using the function Project management of SAP enhancements (CMOD).


Function module EXIT_SAPLAPCF_003 offers the following parameters for individual checks:

  • I_ANLA - Asset master record
  • I_BWASL - Transaction type key

In order to handle possible inconsistencies during the posting transactions, you must program the output of error messages yourself in the function module. The standard program cannot react to the inconsistencies, and the function module does not allow for return parameters.


You want to prevent a leased asset from being scrapped. The include you program yourself would then look approximately as follows:

* Leased Asset.

  • EXIT_SAPLAPCF_003: Expanded Check During Asset Posting