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User Exit for Posting to Fixed Assets
Using this SAP enhancement, you can exchange the following accounts by means of a user exit when posting:

  • 'Offsetting account acquisition, acquisition value' (T095-KTANSG only for acquisition from in-house production)
  • 'Offsetting of revenue from sale of asset' (T095-KTERLW)
  • 'Gain from sale of asset' (T095-KTMEHR)
  • 'Loss from sale of asset' (T095-KTMIND)
  • 'Loss from asset retirement without revenue' (T095-KTREST)
  • 'Offsetting of revenue from sale to affiliated company' (T095-KTVBAB)
  • 'Repayment of investment support' (T095-KTRIZU)
  • 'Expenses: repayment of investment support' (T095-KTARIZ)


To take advantage of this option, follow the steps below:

  • Create the include ZXAPCU06 (until 4.0B ZXINTU02) and enter the corresponding source text for the account exchange (see example below). The accounts listed above can be exchanged.
  • Create and activate a project with the function Project management of SAP enhancements (CMOD), which refers to the SAP enhancement AINT0002.


The following parameters are available in the include:

  • I_BWASL - Transaction type key
  • I_T095 - Field string with the account assignment for the depreciation area; the field names for the interchangeable accounts are given above.
  • E_T095 - Field string with the exchanged accounts


You want to exchange the 'Offsetting account acquisition, acquisition value' account when internal acquisitions are posted. The source text of the include ZXAPCU06 could look like this:


  • EXIT_SAPLAPCF_006: Substitution Offsetting Accts for Retiremt, Acquis., Post-Capitaliz.