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User Exit for Posting to Fixed Assets
Using this SAP enhancement, it is possible to change the amount of the line items, during posting to assets, by means of a user exit. However, this does not apply to the following transactions:

  • write-up
  • complete retirement
  • complete transfer

When you change amounts by means of a user exit, all of the same steps are carried out as are carried out for a manual change of the amount. You can also change the depreciation areas that are offered for change in the function "Dep. areas" in the posting transaction.


To use this user exit, follow the procedure below:

  1. Maintain the Include ZXAPCU05 (until 4.0B ZXINTU05) and create source code for changing the amount, depending on the type of the current transaction (acquisition, retirement, and so on - see the example below).
  2. Create a customer project using SAP enhancement AINT0004, and activate it (transaction CMOD).


The following parameters are available in include ZXAPCU05:

  • Structure I_RLAMBU, which contains the current posting information
  • Structure I_ANTS, which contains the most important asset master data
  • Table T_ANEPI, which contains the line items that are normally created and that can be changed
  • Table M_ANEPI, which accepts the line items you have changed. Don't forget that you have to fill the depreciation area as well as the amount.


*During acquisitions, depreciation area 20 should not receive an amount.
  • EXIT_SAPLAPCF_005: Change Posting Amount