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User Exit for Asset Master Data Maint.
Starting in Release 4.0A, you can specify your own number range to be used for assigning numbers to assets when they are created in the system. In order to use this customer-defined number assignment, you need to:

  • Create your own number range.
  • Modify function module EXIT_SAPLAIST_001 to meet your specific requirements (see example).
  • Activate project AIST0001 using the function Project Management of SAP Enhancements (CMOD).

Function module EXIT_SAPLAIST_001 provides the following parameters for creating your own number assignment:

  • I_ANLA - Master data of the asset being created
  • I_ANLZ - Time-dependent master data of the new asset
  • I_ANKA - Asset class of the new asset
  • I_TRANSV - Transfer variant, if the asset is created in the system as the result of an intercompany asset transfer.

Either a number range (E_NUMKR) or a main asset number (E_ANLN1) should be returned.
If a main asset number is returned, you can prevent it from being checked against the number range (E_NO_CHECK_NR = 'X').
An include (ZXISU01) is already contained in this function module. You need to create this included program yourself, with the appropriate code for your specific number assignment.
The following is a simple example of how you can modify function module EXIT_SAPLAIST_001:

* Assignment of numbers according to location
E_NUMKR = '01'.
E_NUMKR = '02'.

  • EXIT_SAPLAIST_001: Exchange Number Range