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User Exit: Customer's Own AMPL Fields

This enhancement allows customers to specify their own criteria for the admissibility of manufacturer parts.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. You define your fields in INCLUDE CI_AMPL.
  2. You specify these fields in the subscreen.
  3. Using the function exit EXIT_SAPLMBAM_001, you pass on the field contents from the INCLUDE CI_AMPL to your subscreen. Customer-specific data can be entered, changed, or displayed on this subscreen.
  4. You use the function exit EXIT_SAPLMBAM_002 to pass entered and changed data back to the standard program.

  5. Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLMBAM_001: Customer Exit: Transfer Item Data to Subscreen
    • EXIT_SAPLMBAM_002: Customer Exit: Adopt Item Data from User Screen
    • EXIT_SAPLMBMP_003: Customer Enhancement for AMPL Checks
    • SAPLMBAM0120_USER0001_SAPLXAMP1000: Individual Screen for AMPL Record