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User Exits for SAPLANLR
In FI-AA reporting, the sorting and totalling of data records is determined by sort versions. You can either use the sort versions that are delivered with the standard system, or you can define your own sort versions.

A sort version primarily consists of a sort key that is made up of a maximum of 5 fields from the dictionary structure ANLAV. The data records selected in a report are then sorted according to these fields, and totals are created at the control level.

The report also displays a description text at the control level. For example, if totals are created for the data records in an asset class, the name of the asset class is read and displayed. This reading of such description texts is already programmed in the fields used in the standard sort versions. You should only program this reading of texts yourself with the help of this SAP ehancement if all of the following apply:

  • You have defined your own sort versions.
  • They use fields that do not appear in any of the standard sort versions.
  • These fields have texts that you need.


Follow the procedure below:

  1. Adapt the function module EXIT_SAPLANLR_001
  2. Include SAP enhancement ANLR0001 in a project.

Function module EXIT_SAPLANLR_001 is a component of SAP enhancement ANLR0001. Therefore, include enhancement ANLR0001 in a project, using the project management of SAP enhancements function (transaction CMOD). Then activate this project.


Function module EXIT_SAPLANLR_001 is called up from asset reporting. The function module receives all the data necessary for determining the text in its import parameters:

  • I_FIELDNAME : Field name root for the ANLAV sort field
  • I_CONTENT : Field contents
  • I_BUKRS : Company code (if needed to find the text)
  • I_AFABE : Depreciation area (if needed to find the text),
  • I_OFFSET : Offset of the relevant field contents at beginning of field
  • I_LAENGE : Length of the relevant field contents.

The function module then supplies (in parameter E_BEZ) the text that belongs to this field content to asset reporting. The source text for this function module consists only of the Include program ZXANLU01. You program the reading of the text in the include program ZXANLU01. You may need to first create include program ZXANLU01 for this purpose.


It is also possible to include only the relevant part of a field rather than the complete field in the sort version (for example, for the field ANLAV-TXJCD the tax jurisdiction code). In this case, you also have to specify the offset and the length along with the field name in the definition of the sort version. When programming the locating of the text in the include program ZXANLU01, you must then make sure that the complete field contents are available in the parameter I_CONTENT. This is necessary so that the entries for offset and length made in the parameters I_OFFSET and I_LAENGE in the sort version are also taken into account.

In addition, it is also possible that the text is dependent on a company code or depreciation area. This information is in the parameters I_BUKRS or I_AFABE, and can be included when you program the locating of the text.

  • EXIT_SAPLANLR_001: Control Level Texts for FI-AA Reporting