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User Exits for SAPLANLR
Using this SAP enhancement, you can control the determination of the revaluation amount within the framework of manual revaluation of fixed assets.


You have to enter the formula for determining the revaluation in function module EXIT_RAAUFW01_001. You also have to activate a customer project using SAP enhancement ARVL0001 (transaction CMOD).


  • The transfer structure I_ANLAV makes available all master data fields and the contents of the fields of table ANLZ (time-dependent data) that are valid on the report date.
  • Transfer structure I_ANLC contains the value fields of the base depreciation area that has been specified for the revaluation. This structure supplies the base amount for determining the revaluation.
  • Parameter I_AUWTG contains the key of the revaluation measure.
  • You should assign the determined revaluation amount as export parameter to field E_ABTRG and the base amount as export parameter to field E_BBTRG.


* Program RAAUFW01 displays both of the following values in
* its list. Batch input is generated for planning the

  • EXIT_RAAUFW01_001: Function Module for Calculating Manual Revaluation