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User Exit for SAPDBADA
The central procurement and processing of data for an asset takes place in the logical database ADA in the FI-AA component. One of the functions that is carried out in the database is currency translation. Currency translation for a currency that is different from the company code currency is carried out according to a translation method that you define in FI-AA Customizing.

If the parameters of this standard translation method do not meet your needs, you can define your own individual translation method using this SAP enhancement.


Follow the procedure outlined below:

  1. Activate enhancement project BADA0001.
  2. Modify function module EXIT_SAPDBADA_001. Enter your own code in the included program ZXBADU01.

When the enhancement project is active, the system uses the function module for the translation of currency and includes the function module at the corresponding positions in the logical database.

  1. Define a translation method in FI-AA Customizing (Information System) that uses translation date 3 (own translation).


The following transfer parameters are available for function module EXIT_SAPDBADA_001:

  • I_AMOUNT (amount in local currency)
  • I_ANLAV (master data for the asset)
  • I_AFABER (depreciation area)

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPDBADA_001: Customer Specific Translation of Asset Values