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EH&S: Customer Exits
You can use this SAP enhancement to define a function exit that determines the language versions in which material safety data sheets should be sent.

The language versions used in MSDSs are inserted in the E_RECLANGU_TAB table together with the IDs from the material safety data sheets and the IDs of the relevant contact persons.

The customer exit is found in the function group XC1A. You call it in the function C1CA_SD_INTERFACE_TO_EHS_NEW.

The standard procedure for the determination of MSDS language versions is found in the documentation for the function module C1CA_SDS_LANGUAGE_VERSION.

The following parameters can be used to determine language versions:

Parameter Meaning

I_REASON order reason

I_INFO_FOR_ERROR_MAIL context information for error handling

I_REPORT_VERSION_DATE key date for report version

I_CUSDATA customer data

I_MATERIAL_DATA material data


I_RECINFO_TAB MSDS recipient data

I_SDDATA_TAB SD-specific data

E_REPLANGU_TAB table with report languages and recipients

Error handling:

As the process runs in the background, you cannot react directly to an error situation.

In the function group C1CA, the function module C1CA_INTERFACE_ERR_MESSAGE supports error handling. You use this function module to send error mails to the persons responsible. The recipients of these mails are specified in Product Safety Customizing.

The import parameter I_INFO_FOR_ERROR_MAIL contains contextual information on error situations (delivery note number from SD, and so on) that is output in the error mail.

  • EXIT_SAPLC1CA_004: EHS: Determines the language version of the MSDS