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EH&S: Customer Exits
You can use this SAP enhancement to define a function exit that determines whether the report should be shipped. The function exit should be used if you want to deviate from the standard procedure.

The standard procedure is:

  • Triggered from a delivery: ship
  • Otherwise: do not ship

The customer exit is found in the function group XC1A. The call is from the function C1CA_SD_INTERFACE_TO_EHS_NEW.

The following import parameters can be used for the check:

Import parameter Meaning

I_REASON order reason

I_SDDATA_TAB table with document data

Error handling:

As the process runs in the background, you cannot react directly to an error situation.

In the function group C1CA, the function module C1CA_INTERFACE_ERR_MESSAGE supports error handling.

  • EXIT_SAPLC1CA_006: EHS: Report Shipping: Check Whether to Send