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Customer Enhancements for CATS
You can use this enhancement to structure the contents of your worklist according to your requirements.

The worklist (based on the parameters of the data entry profile) is copied to the table SAP_ICATSW. The table is defined in the function module interface. It takes the format of the (DDIC) table CATSW and contains the contents of the worklist.

You can change or delete lines from the table, that is from what will become the worklist. You can also insert new lines. You cannot, however, use this enhancement to insert new columns.

The table contents are displayed in the time sheet worklist. The data entry profile (SAP_TCATS), the personnel number (SAP_PERNR), and the data entry period (SAP_DATELEFT and SAP_DATERIGHT) are also copied to the table.

Note that you must activate the Customer enhancement field in the Worklist

  • EXIT_SAPLCATS_001: CATS: Set Up Worklist