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Cross-Application Time Sheet
You can use this SAP enhancement to include up to two functions of your choice in the data entry screen Extras and Environment menus. You can display additional information on a person (leave status, flextime balance) in a dialog box, for example.

The internal table SAP_CATSD contains the data in the data entry section. You can query which SAP_CATSD field the cursor is positioned in when the function is called using the SAP_CURSOR_FIELD and SAP_CURSOR_CATSDLINE fields.

  • SAPLCATS+CU2: Customer function 2
  • SAPLCATS+CU3: Customer function 3
  • SAPLCATS+CU4: Customer function 4
  • SAPLCATS+CU5: Customer function 5
  • SAPLCATS+CU6: Customer function 6
  • SAPLCATS+CU7: Customer function 7
  • EXIT_SAPLCATS_011: CATS: Customer Functions in Initial Screen/Data Entry Screen Menus