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Parameterization for Finding Objects in a Class Node

This enhancement controls the automatic object search for replacing a class node.

In the standard (without this enhancement), the search in the class only finds objects whose values for the search-relevant characteristics match all the selection criteria.

This enhancement lets you determine that objects that have no values for the search-relevant characteristics are also found.

You can decide how to search in function EXIT_SAPLCEIS_001 by specifying the class, class type, and object type.


Selection criteria:

Char. 1 = 'A'; Char. 2 = 'B'

Material 1:

Char. 1 = 'A'; Char. 2 = 'B'; Char. 3 = no value

Material 2:

Char. 1 = 'A'; Char. 2 = no value; Char. 3 = 'C'


  • EXIT_SAPLCEIS_001: Parameters for Finding Objects for Class Item