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Availability of Customer Functions in the Configuration Editor

Many customers want to be able to go from the configuration editor directly to their own user interfaces and functions, to complete the configuration process. The requirement for this option may only apply to the configurable product - in other words, a modeling option rather than a modification as such.

Using the interface design function, you can design your own user interface for a product or configuration profile. This lets you position and group characteristics any way you like. The groups of characteristics can be accessed by choosing a pushbutton. The customer can define the description on the pushbutton. When you choose the pushbutton, you see a modal dialog box showing the characteristics as defined in the model. The function currently lets you access up to 10 characteristics groups with customer-defined pushbuttons. The pushbuttons are displayed vertically, to the right of the value assignment screen.

This is the basis for this customer enhancement. The interface design lets you assign the attribute "pushbutton" to a characteristics group. If the name of the characteristics group starts with CUSTOMER_PUSHBUTTON_, a CUSTOMER FUNCTION is processed when you choose the pushbutton. Since you can model up to 10 pushbuttons in the standard system, you can access up to 10 customer functions in this way.

Technical Information:

The customer functions referred to can be accessed with this enhancement in components EXIT_SAPLCEI0_010 through EXIT_SAPLCEI0_019.

The following assignments of pushbuttons to customer functions apply:

Pushbutton 01 ==> EXIT_SAPLCEI0_010

Pushbutton 02 ==> EXIT_SAPLCEI0_011

Pushbutton 03 ==> EXIT_SAPLCEI0_012

Pushbutton 04 ==> EXIT_SAPLCEI0_013

Pushbutton 05 ==> EXIT_SAPLCEI0_014

Pushbutton 06 ==> EXIT_SAPLCEI0_015

Pushbutton 07 ==> EXIT_SAPLCEI0_016

  • EXIT_SAPLCEI0_001: User Exit: SD Customer Fields in a Configurable Instance
  • EXIT_SAPLCEI0_010: User Exit: Customer Pushbutton 01
  • EXIT_SAPLCEI0_011: User Exit: Customer Pushbutton 02
  • EXIT_SAPLCEI0_012: User Exit: Customer Pushbutton 03
  • EXIT_SAPLCEI0_013: User Exit: Customer Pushbutton 04
  • EXIT_SAPLCEI0_014: User Exit: Customer Pushbutton 05
  • EXIT_SAPLCEI0_015: User Exit: Customer Pushbutton 06
  • EXIT_SAPLCEI0_016: User Exit: Customer Pushbutton 07
  • EXIT_SAPLCEI0_017: User Exit: Customer Pushbutton 08
  • EXIT_SAPLCEI0_018: User Exit: Customer Pushbutton 09
  • EXIT_SAPLCEI0_019: User Exit: Customer Pushbutton 10