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User Exits for CIF
In R/3 outbound, this enhancement enables you to influence in the following ways production orders (and some planned orders) that are to be transferred from SAP R/3 to SAP APO:

  • You can change the data to be transferred.
  • You can add your own data using customer append structures and transfer it. To do this, you need to program a corresponding customer exit or BADI in APO so that the data added in SAP R/3 can also be processed in SAP APO.

In SAP R/3 you should use:

  • Component EXIT_SAPLCORD_004 if you want to change data in APO format or add user-specific data. Note 593413 contains example coding to show how you can terminate the initial data transfer in case of an error.
  • Component EXIT_SAPLCOVA_001 if you want to change data in R/3 format or add user-specific data.

In APO, use component EXIT_/SAPAPO/SAPLDM_ORDER_001 in enhancement

  • EXIT_SAPLCORD_004: Customer Exit f. Selection of Customer-Specific Data During Initial Trans.
  • EXIT_SAPLCOVA_001: Fill User Fields and Adjust Standard Tables for R/3->APO