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User Exit for PPM
You use this enhancement to influence certain data for the production process model (PPM) in SAP APO.

For more information, see the documentation for the associated components:

  • EXIT_SAPLPGS1_001 for the transfer of customer-specific fields
  • EXIT_SAPLPGS1_002 for the transfer of an activity with a duration of zero
  • EXIT_SAPLPGS1_003 for changing resource data
  • EXIT_SAPLPGS1_004 for the transfer of a duration with a time unit in seconds
  • EXIT_SAPLPGS1_005 for the transfer of attributes for relationships created as substitutions

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLPGS1_001: Customer Exit for PPM Transfer (for example, customer-specific fields)
    • EXIT_SAPLPGS1_002: Customer Exit PPM Transfer, Decision Whether Activity is Transferred
    • EXIT_SAPLPGS1_003: Customer Exit for PPM Transfer, Process Table REQCAP
    • EXIT_SAPLPGS1_004: Customer Exit for PPM Transfer, Transfer of Duration in Seconds
    • EXIT_SAPLPGS1_005: Override Characteristics of Replacement Relationship in PPM
    • EXIT_SAPLPGS1_006: Customer Exit PPM Transfer, Adjust Mode
    • EXIT_SAPLPGS1_007: Customer Exit for PPM Transfer: BOM Explosion
    • EXIT_SAPLPGS1_008: Customer Exit PPM Transfer: Certain Primary and Alternative Resources