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User Exits for CIF
With this enhancement, you can change purchase order data from your APO system before a purchase requisition or purchase order is created in the OLTP system.

The enhancement contains the following components:



  • EXIT_SAPLCPUR_001: User Exit: Recipient Module for APO Purchase Documents (Inbound)
  • EXIT_SAPLMEPI_001: Customer Exit for Changing Product Allocations for Purchase Requests
  • EXIT_SAPLMEPI_002: Customer Exits for Changing Product Allocation for Purchase Orders
  • EXIT_SAPLMEPI_003: Customer Exit for Changing Purchase Request Data
  • EXIT_SAPLMEPI_004: Customer Exit for Changing the Purchase Order Data (Header Data)
  • EXIT_SAPLMEPI_005: Customer Exit for User-Defined Fields Purchase Requisition
  • EXIT_SAPLMEPI_006: Customer Exit for Changing Purchase Order Data (Item Data)
  • EXIT_SAPLMEPI_007: Customer exit to change the doc. type for purchase orders and requisitions