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Customer enhancement for results screen
This exit is used in the search in the Classification System. The found are included in table IT_OBKEYS. The field OBJECT contains the object key, in the same forms as it is in in the Classification System on the database. The fields that are key fields for the object in the master data table are also filled.

Table ET_OB_VALUES is to be filled with the object key, the fields names that are defined in module EXIT_SAPLCLRS_001, and the associated values.

In the case of fields with character format, the value is contained in field ATWRT, in the case of fields with numerical format, in field ATFLV. If the value has a unit, the value is to be given in the unit contained in exit EXIT_SAPLCLRS_001. If a different unit of measure is given in field ATAWE, the value is converted to and displayed in this unit. The second value for an interval is to be entered in field ATFLB. In this case, field ATCOD is to be filled as described in the documentation for the relevant data element.

If fields are set in exit EXIT_SAPLCLRS_001 using module CLRS_GET_FIELDS_OF_STRUCTURE, they can be filled using module CLRS_FILL_STRUCTURE_FIELDS. Please see the module documentation and code example for these exits.

  • EXIT_SAPLCLRS_002: Filling in additional fields