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CUA status networks

Use this enhance,ment to process material components in networks (orders).


The following parameters are imported:

  • CAUFVD_IMP: Dialog data of the network header
  • AFPOD_IMP: Dialog data of the network item
  • AKTYP_IMP: Activity type at the time of the call up.

Table AFVGD_IMP is an import table only and contains, in the case of the component overview for the network, all the network activities and, in the case the component overview for the activity, just this activity.

Table RESBD_IMP lists all the existing material component assignments (to the network or activity) and is processed after returning from the Exit. The user can add, change, or delete entries.

In table RESBD_CON_EXP is the index for the processed entries of table

  • SAPLNWCU+CU2: User exit component
  • EXIT_SAPLCOMK_001: User Exit for Material Components