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CUA status networks

The network data are stored in database tables that have been defined by SAP. You can use this enhancement to make customer enhancements in the network header table (table AUFK).

You can activate a user-defined function in the transaction for editing networks, with which you can call up a user-defined screen. Here you can maintain or display the new fields from the table AUFK.

CNEX0016 contains the following components:

Menu entries:


Function exits:


Screen areas:


Use the Transaction CMOD to create an enhancement project and assign the enhancement CNEX0016 to this project.

Using the Transaction SE11 (ABAP Dictionary) add your fields to the CI_AUFK structure. Pay attention to the reserved name range for user-defined fields. Activate the structure. Note that a table can contain a maximum of 255 fields. SAP reserves the right to add new fields to the table AUFK.

Edit the components in Transaction CMOD

To do so, you must:

  • Assign the function 'User-defined fields' its own name
  • Enter code for the function exit EXIT_SAPLCOKO_003 to transfer data from the SAP application to the screen area.
  • Enter code for the function exit EXIT_SAPLCOKO_004 to transfer data from the screen area to the SAP application
  • Create the screen area

The function exits are filled by creating the Include contained therein. Call up the Include to edit it, by selecting it (double-click).

  • SAPLNWCU+CU3: User exit network header
  • EXIT_SAPLCOKO_003: PS Customer Exit: User Specific Fields f. Network Header (SAP -> SUBSCR.)
  • EXIT_SAPLCOKO_004: PS Customer Exit: Network Header User Specific Fields (SUBSCREEN -> SAP)
  • SAPLCOKO2998_CUSTSCR1_SAPLXCN10900: Screen for Network Header User Exist (as Subscreen)
  • SAPLCOKO2999_CUSTSCR1_SAPLXCN10900: Screen for network header user exit