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PS Customer Exits

You use this enhancement to define the content and processing of characteristics for WBS elements and network activities. The characteristics are used in project summarization.

Enhancement CNEX0025 contains the following components:

Function Exits:

  • EXIT_SAPLCJME_001 : Project summarization: set screen fields
  • EXIT_SAPLCJME_002 : Project summarization: read screen fields
  • EXIT_SAPLCJME_003 : Project summarization: OK code for PAI processing

Screen Sections:

  • SAPLCJME 0900 SUBS0900 SAPLXCN1 0900 : Summarization characteristic details

Table Includes:

  • CI_PSMERK : Structure for user-defined characteristics

Use transaction CMOD to create an enhancement project and assign enhancement CNEX0025 to this project.

Use transaction SE11 (ABAP/4 Dictionary) to include the fields for your user-defined characteristics in structure CI_PSMERK. Make sure you use the name range reserved for customers. Activate the structure. Note that a table may contain up to 255 fields.

If you want to copy the fireld contrents from the classification used n up to now for project summarization, choose "ZZ"+Name as the field name for the characteristic from classification.

Edit the components in transaction CMOD.

To this end, you must:

  • Code function exit EXIT_SAPLCJME_001 to transfer data from the SAP application to the screen area.
  • Code function exit EXIT_SAPLCJME_002 to transfer data from the screen area to the SAP application.
  • If required, code function exit EXIT_SAPLCJME_003 for transferring a
    • EXIT_SAPLCJME_001: EXIT: Project Summarization: Set Screen Fileds
    • EXIT_SAPLCJME_002: EXIT: Project Summarization: Read Screen Fields
    • EXIT_SAPLCJME_003: EXIT: Project Summarization: SET OK Codes for PAI Processing
    • SAPLCJME0900_SUBS0900_SAPLXCN10900: Subscreen for EXIT Subscreen SAPLXCN1 0900