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Customer Exits Order Confirmation CORF
With this customer exit you can carry out your own checks once an operation has been selected for the confirmation. Note the following:

Changing the confirmation segment is only permitted by the system, if there is no danger of inconsistent data being written to the database:

  • Changes are allowed by the system before the SAP checks.
  • Changes are not allowed after the SAP checks.

With this customer exit the data cannot be changed.

The customer exit is implemented as the central FORM routine. On this basis, you can create customer exits of the same type for all order types.

The system copies the following data:

  • operation in order (AFVGD)
  • complete order header (CAUFVD)

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_SAPLCORF_003: PM/SM Order Conf.: Customer-Specific Checks Acc. to Operation Selection