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Customer Exits Order Confirmation CORF
With this enhancement you can define your own detail areas (screens) that can be issued for the single screen entry of time ticket confirmations.

Two function modules are available to implement the flow control for the customer-defined screens. While the function module EXIT_SAPLCORU_S_100 transmits the data from the confirmation, order,

  • EXIT_SAPLCORU_S_100: Transfer Data from SAPLCORU_S to Customer-Defined Screen
  • EXIT_SAPLCORU_S_101: Return Data from Customer-Defined Screen to SAPLCORU_S
  • SAPLCORU_S0900_SLCUST_SAPLXCOF0900: Subscreen: Self-Definable 1
  • SAPLCORU_S0910_SLCUST_SAPLXCOF0910: Subscreen: Self-Definable 2
  • SAPLCORU_S0920_SLCUST_SAPLXCOF0920: Subscreen: Self-Definable 3