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Master Data Maintenance: Bus. Processes

You can extend business process master data with user-defined fields, which can be filled via user exits. The exits are supported by function modules in the customer name ranges, ensuring that customer changes are not overwritten during upgrades or new releases.

Note that DDIC field names are 10 characters and fields 30 characters.

If you want to store change documents for the extension fields, be sure to select the indicator "Change document" in the data element.

Please note OSS message number 141707 (field checks, time dependency).


Extension COOMBP01 includes the components:

  • EXIT_SAPLKWM3_001 -- CO-OM customer exit at PBO event in custom subscreen 0399 in SAPLKWM3.
  • EXIT_SAPLKWM3_002 -- CO-OM customer exit at PAI event in custom subscreen 0399 in SAPLKWM3.
  • Function code +CU1 appears in the menu for master record transactions for processes under "Goto" as "Additional fields ..." and leads to the tab string for user defined additional fields.
  • Screen SAPLKWM3_CUSTFLDS_SAPLXKW3 is planned for the additional fields; appears when extension (otherwise refered to as enhancement) COOMBP01 is active. Choose the field from structure CBPR_CI (not: CI_CBPR) while creating the screen in Screen Painter. "DUMMY_FIELD" is not allowed.
  • Data structure CI_CBPR: position this and fill it with the desired additional fields.
  • Attention: refer to the definition of additional screens from "CBPR_CI" (for more technical background).


A short cut solution consists of the following steps:

  • Create structure CI_CBPR with your additional fields.
  • Fashion the screen with the additional fields. Insert module STATUS_0999 during PBO in the flow logic.
  • Create the Includes ZXKW3U01 and ZXKW3U02, as well as the PBO module STATUS_0999 with the sample coding from Include LXKW3F00.
  • Activate your project.

The Includes LXKW3F01 (PBO) and LXKW3F02 (PAI) contain examples for Form-Routines. You can use these routines when you prefer not to set up the coding directly in the modules: you can incorporate them in Form-Routines.

For more information on how to use extensions, see the documentation

  • SAPLKWM3+CU1: Additional fields...
  • EXIT_SAPLKWM3_001: Flow Logic PBO
  • EXIT_SAPLKWM3_002: Flow Logic PAI
  • SAPLKWM30399_CUSTFLDS_SAPLXKW30999: Individual Processing: User-Defined Additional Fields