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Function Group: Exit for SAPMKPT4
Short text Customer exits for transactions KP97 (Copy planning) and KP98 (Copy actual to plan). Description

To enable the user to enhance the standard functionality for these transactions or to adapt them to individual requirements, two customer exits have been provided.

You can process these using SAP Enhancement Management (transaction CMOD):

Tools -> ABAP Workbench;
Utilities -> Enhancements -> Project management

You can find documentation in the online help for this transaction.

The two function modules have been combined using SAP enhancement COOMKPT4 . They have the following functionality:

Function module Exit for Include program with sample coding


EXIT_SAPMKPT4_020 Quantities/Prices LXKPT4F02

Each exit is called up one or more times for each planning transaction (RKP1, RKP2, etc.) Within the exits, you can change, add or delete planning records from the transfer structure. For more information about how to use customer exits, and to see a description of the relevant interface, see the documentation on the corresponding function module.

If you want to activate the sample coding provided by SAP, proceed as follows:

  • In exit EXIT_SAPMKPT4_010 (include LXKPT4U01) create the
  • include ZXKPT4U01 (double-click).
  • Add the row
    PERFORM main_program TABLES ct_rkplv1 USING is_parx id_cursw_c.
    to this include.
  • In the include LXKPT4TOP, create the include ZXKPT4TOP (double-click).

    Add the row INCLUDE lxkpt4f01 to the include ZXKPT4TOP.

You can add to other form routines in the same way by changing the

includes ZXKPT4U01 and ZXKPT4TOP (for example by adding the row

INCLUDE zxkpt4own

to the include ZXKPT4TOP, creating this include (double-click) and

creating your own form routines in this include. It is then called up

  • EXIT_SAPMKPT4_010: Customer Exit for Costs: Copy Plan->Plan/Actual->Plan
  • EXIT_SAPMKPT4_020: Customer Exit for Quantities: Copy Plan->Plan/Actual->Plan