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Master Data Maintenance: Activity Types

Important note: Function module exits are documented (first go to the function module, then choose Function module documentation). In addition, the documentation on the enhancement projects for cost centers (COOMKS01) and business processes (COOMBP01) also applies here in broad terms.

You should also refer to OSS note number 141707 (field checks, time-dependency).

You can extend activity type master data with user-defined fields, which can be filled via user exits. The exits are supported by function modules in the customer name ranges, ensuring that customer changes are not overwritten during upgrades or new releases.

Note that DDIC field names hold 10 characters and fields 30 characters.

If you want the system to write change documents for the fields belonging to the enhancement, you must ensure that you select the "Change document" indicator in the data elements used.


Extension COOMLA01 includes the components:

  • EXIT_SAPLKMA6_001 -- CO-OM customer exit at PBO event in custom subscreen 0399 in SAPLKMA6.
  • EXIT_SAPLKMA6_002 -- CO-OM customer exit at PAI event in custom subscreen 0399 in SAPLKMA6.

  • Function/Program:
    • SAPLKMA6+CU1: Additional fields
    • EXIT_SAPLKMA6_001: Flow Logic PBO
    • EXIT_SAPLKMA6_002: Flow Logic PAI
    • SAPLKMA60399_CUSTFLDS_SAPLXKM60999: Individual Processing: User-Defined Additional Fields