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CO-PA: User Exits
This enhancement lets you modify the transfer of external actual data to Profitability Analysis. The components comprise the following function modules:


Function module EXIT_SAPLKEA4_001 is called whenever a line item is created from the external file. It is executed following the transfer of the characteristics and values from the external structure, but before derivation of characteristic values and valuation take place. This makes it possible for you to define values for certain fields without having to transfer those fields from the external file.

The line item transferred (I_ITEM) can be changed and then returned using the export parameter (E_ITEM).

You should make this enhancement operating-concern-specific using the parameter I_ERKRS!

Function module EXIT_SAPLKEA4_002 is processed after the external data records are transferred and the line item is created (after derivation and valuation, but before number assignment and posting). The line items created (Table parameter T_ITEM) are available as the transfer structure.

You should make this enhancement operating-concern-specific using parameter I_ERKRS!


It is necessary to check the operating concern (CASE I_ERKRS ...) because the user exit is active in all operating concerns as soon as you include the enhancement COPA0007 in a project and activate it.

In addition, a distinction should be made between different assignment

  • EXIT_SAPLKEA4_001: User Exit External Data: Line Item Structure
  • EXIT_SAPLKEA4_002: User Exit External Data: Generated Line Items