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Customer Exits in SAPLCOZF
With this customer enhancement you can change the purchase request that results from an externally processed operation.

The changeable fields are defined in the structure EBAN_ORD_CUST. If certain fields in this structure are already filled when imported in the customer enhancement then you should check carefully the effects of a field change (if in doubt do not change the settings made by SAP). The externally processed operation itself cannot be changed in this customer enhancement. Thus, the customer enhancement must be run on every change to an operation that affects the purchase requisition (so that the original field content is not copied back to the purchase requisition).

Important note:

If you work in your system with collective orders then you must ensure that all purchase requisitions for a collective order are of the same type (field BSART)!

To change the purchase requisition the fields in the order header (CAUFVD) and the fields in the operation (AFVGD) are made available in the customer enhancement. If you define internal work structures then

  • EXIT_SAPLCOZF_001: Customer Exits in Function Group COZF