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Configuration Customer Exits FG CUCP
This customer enhancement allows you to deviate from the standard procedure when deleting configuration profiles, class data and classification data for configured objects.

It is possible to delete

  • Configuration profiles
  • Class assignments to objects (material) and
  • Characteristics from classes

even if configured objects (e.g. sales orders) exist for this object (material) in the new configuration storage (CBASE).

You must ensure that the "old" configured objects (such as sales orders) are not moved forward to a point beyond the change date, as this would lead to inconsistencies.

This customer enhancement requires you to use a variant class type (such as 300) and Engineering Change Management.

See the documentation for the individual function modules (function exits).

This customer enhancement takes account of the configuration in the new configuration storage (CBASE). Customer enhancement CCUXDELE takes account of the configuration in the old configuration storage (INOB / KSSK / AUSP).

Note on determining configured objects:

In class maintenance, it is possible to display online the configured objects in which a characteristic or a class was used. You access this function as follows:

  • Transaction CL02 (enter class and class type)
  • Where-used list
  • Select 'Used in configuration'

Limit to a particular characteristic, if applicable When maintaining

  • EXIT_SAPLCUCP_006: Delete Assignment of Characteristic to Class Despite Configured Obj. CBASE
  • EXIT_SAPLCUCP_007: Delete ASsignment of Class to Object Despite Configured Object CBASE
  • EXIT_SAPLCUCP_008: Delete Assignment of Profile for Object Despite Configured Object CBASE