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EH&S: Customer Exits
You use this SAP enhancement to define a function exit with which you can maintain the material name according to the customer (you can do this in the R/3 component Sales and Distribution (SD)). The material name appears on the material safety data sheet according to your definition.

The customer exit is found in the function group XC1A and is called when the report shipping orders are generated. The enhancement carries the return code as a material name.

As standard, the material name carries the material short text maintained for a material, or the material name selected via the determination of default parameters.

The enhancement has the following interface parameters:


Indicator that shows if the material name was changed manually when determining the default parameters


Substance to which a report is to be sent (this substance need not be the same as the master substance - it can also be a reference substance to the master substance).


Structure derived from the material number, material name, and raw material. The field to be filled is determined by the starting point of report shipping.


Ship-to party ID. The ID is taken from SD when report shipping is called.


Material safety data sheet recipient ID (the company, not the contact person).


Shipping reason that specifies the starting point of the report shipping.

  • EXIT_SAPLCVEA_001: EHS: Customer exit for checking material name