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User Exit for CYPP Sort, Tab. Plant
Taking up user-specific data in the table section of the planning table

In the layout key you can use the structure CYUSER to copy user-specific data in the table section of the planning tables.

In the enhancement

  • you define the structure CYUSER whose fields can be displayed in the table section of a planning table
  • fill the table CYUSER_TAB - this has the structure CYUSER - with the data that is to appear in the fields

The following are transferred to the enhancement:

  • the table CYUSER_TAB
  • the table BED_GRU (with the structure CYBED_GRU)

The table BED_GRU contains the data for requirements groups that is displayed in the table section of the planning table. Every line in the table contains a data record for a combination (that is, for a concrete definition) of a requirements group.

In every data record an index refers to the objects that belong to the combination, for example to the order or the work center. Using these objects you can read information for further objects and write in the table CYUSER_TAB.

Using the following function you can define the relations between a combination a further objects:

  • the import parameter CHANGED_BED_GRU
  • This parameter defines whether table BED_GRU has been changed. The data records for table BED_GRU are, for example, changed using the functions

    • EXIT_SAPLCYPP01_002: User Exit to Fill User-Defined Structure with Displayable Fields (SORTING)